• High-precision perceptive algorithm, real-time analysis and alarm;
  • Embedded Linux operating system.
  • Dual-core processor and powerful neural network reasoning engine, support a variety of intelligent algorithm applications;
  • H.264 and H.265 are supported to save the storage space
  • Dual-SD card storage

Streamax AIBOX is an advanced driving safety management system that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and identify driver abnormal driving behavior, alerting drivers to unusual behavior such as smoking, making phone calls, fatigued driving, one-handed,hands off and not wearing seat belts.

Through artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and identify the characteristics of vehicles, lanes, pedestrians, zebra crossings and so on, effectively predict the front car collision, lane deviation, pedestrian collision, pedestrians and other hazards or violations, and intelligent analysis of this behavior to reduce trafficaccidents caused by such causes.

AIBOX supports independent communication, positioning and storage, suitable for different kind of environment. As a result, it can be installed on a variety of bus models.

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