• High-precision perception algorithm for real-time analysis and alarm
  • Support warning for forward collision
  • Support alarm for too close following distance
  • Support alarm for lane departure
  • Support alarm for pedestrian collision
  • Intelligent chip and high-performance DSP image processor
  • Can send alarm to driver through voice, and model with R-Watch port avaliable for both audio and light alarm

Dual-lens ADAS camera

C20D is an advanced dual-lens ADAS IP camera. It collects the road information via telephoto lens and wide-angle lens and recognizes and detects features of forward vehicles, lanes, pedestrians and crosswalks in combination with the AI algorithm.It effectively forecasts risks or violation like forward collision, lane departure, pedestrian collision and makes intelligent analysis and gives voice prompts accordingly so as to reduce traffic accidents in an all-round way. With the build-in algorithm, it can realize more functions for example height limitation sign detection, speed limitation sign detection, road traffic status analyzing function, etc.

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