D71 Dome

Compact dome. Limitless potential!

Discreet appearance and abundant in options: This is the MOBOTIX D71 Fix-Dome. The compact single-lens camera is protected by a weather-resistant, impact-resistant dome. Three manually adjustable axes allow you to perfectly orient the configurable optics. The intelligent video analysis apps of the MOBOTIX 7 platform mean that the D71 is now infinitely flexible. Everything is possible. Everything can be done under the D71 Dome!



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  • Finely crafted and convenient: can be manually adjusted on three axes
  • Flexible thanks to a range of lenses with a viewing angle of between 15° and 95°
  • Automatic day/night switching
  • Robust with weather-resistant aluminum housing for indoor and outdoor use
  • Audio function for direct communication
  • Open to enable intelligent video analysis with camera apps
  • Made in Germany for optimum cybersecurity

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