Media Converter

  • Simple connection of 10/100 Mbps Ethernet end devices (e.g., IP camera, IP telephone)
  • Mx2wire+ power supply via PoE/PoE+ or 48–57 V DC, 600 mA
  • Connected end devices are supplied with up to 13 watts (PoE class 3)
  • Maximum data transfer range of 500 m and data rate of up to 50 Mbps (depending on distance)
  • No need for expensive and time-consuming installation of network cables
  • Enhanced data security thanks to efficient encryptions (128-bit AES)
  • Ambient temperatures from -30 to 60°C (-22 to 140°F)

PoE Network Connection. Via Two-Wire Cable.


The product “MOBOTIX Mx2wire+” is no longer available. As an alternative, MOBOTIX has added the ETP-2601T/R high-speed media converter set from technology partner INTERCOAX to its product range for transmitting Ethernet and PoE+ power supply via two-wire cable.

Mx2wire+ turns existing two-wire cabling into a powered Ethernet (PoE) network, quickly and cost-effectively. Ethernet cables are no longer required to connect and network your IP cameras and PoE devices – even over distances of up to 500 m. Each Mx2wire+ kit includes two units.

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