Hardware: MOBOTIX Bridge

The robust MOBOTIX CLOUD Bridge 304+ is your powerful and fast connection to the cloud. It reliably masters growing demands and data volumes. The compact box is everything you need except your video cameras.

  • Encrypt data and ensure your internal network is secured against any external threats
  • Protect against data loss during bandwidth fluctuations and extended network outages (buffer memory)
  • High Performance SSD (robust, fast access, energy efficient).
  • Supports up to 20 cameras with 4MP image resolution
  • Extra durable, temperature range -10 to +50 °C / 14 – 122 F

Enjoy more freedom with MOBOTIX CLOUD.

Cloud technology is the future — so why not get started today? MOBOTIX CLOUD is an agile and dynamic platform that opens up entirely new opportunities for you or your business. Access your video systems conveniently and securely, wherever you want, whenever you want. Manage your cameras and users easily and efficiently — from any device, whether you prefer a smartphone, tablet or PC.

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