• Just plug & play: Connect cameras and monitor to MOBOTIX MOVE NVR and directly see live images
  • Everyday use does not require any specialized video knowledge
  • Direct connection of up to two high-resolution displays, keyboard, mouse and joystick
  • Once installed, the MOBOTOX MOVE NVR system does not incur any further costs
  • Local standalone video systems are safe from cyber attacks

The Standalone All-in-One Solution with Integrated Video Management Software

MOBOTIX now offers the MOVE NVR (Network Video Recorder), a particularly practical and easy-to-use plug & play solution – ideal for local video surveillance systems with a limited number of MOBOTIX MOVE cameras.
This compact end-to-end video solution is recommended for numerous applications: in retail stores, restaurants or private homes – whenever the existing video analysis functions of the MOBOTIX MOVE cameras are sufficient. All connected cameras are supported by the integrated, cost- and license-free MOBOTIX MOVE NVR video management software, which is tailored to the MOBOTIX MOVE cameras

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